DistriNet DAS


The Charge Hub is a charging and storage solution designed for centralized management and charging of two-way radios and batteries, streamlining fleet radio asset management. It efficiently provides power, ventilation, and heat dissipation management, ensuring a secure, dependable charging solution. Such engineering design also eliminates the requirement for rear ventilation and access, enabling flush-against-the-wall placement with a sleek exterior and minimal footprint.


The Charge Hub comes in two models: The Standard model is a 24U cabinet for the storage of up to 18 radios, and the Pro model for up to 36 radios.



Features Highlight


●  Centralized storage and simultaneous charging of up to 18 radio devices (Standard model) or 36 radio devices (Pro model)


●  Flexible combination and stacking of multiple charger units  


●  Small footprint and space-saving design


●  Internal rack mount with tilt design for easy access of radio devices or batteries.


●  Clear visuals to monitor charging status


* Compatible with PNR two-way radio series and associated battery models

* Multi-Unit Chargers to be purchased separately

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