Intelligent Multi-unit Charger
DistriNet DAS


The Intelligent Multi-unit Charger is a robust and feature-packed console designed for the efficient charging and maintenance of charging and maintaining up to six sets of batteries / two-way radios simultaneously.

With its versatile placement and mounting choices, it offers a streamlined and convenient method to organize your fleet radios. It also empowers users with advanced battery management, enhancing their overall usage experience.


Features Highlight


●  Simultaneously charges and maintains six sets of batteries and / or radios.


●  Independent charge management chipset dedicated to each charge slot to ensure comprehensive battery management.


●  Supports NetFlex connectivity - thus offering charge, discharge and other maintenance data tracking and provides real-time battery analysis; helping users effectively maintain battery health and ensure the durability and reliability of their two-way radios.


●  Versatile placement and mounting options offer a unified and efficient approach for radio storage and charging, enhancing fleet management. Multiple charge devices can be stacked and integrated to create a centralized charging rack or cabinet array.


* Compatible with PNR two-way radio series and associated battery models

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