Digital OMU/ORU
DistriNet DAS


A digital optical remote station designed for high-capacity wireless intercom systems, employing the latest digital intermediate frequency processing and selective frequency technology. This technology effectively avoids transmission interference between adjacent frequencies, ensuring high-quality signal enhancement for concurrent communication and extended transmission coverage. It effortlessly enables the availability of high-quality signals even at distances of up to 20 kilometers.



Features Highlight


●  Supports native cloud-based NetFlex platform integration for centralized management control, providing real-time display of device operational status, offering system data, smart alerts, response recommendations, and delivering pre-programmed operational and maintenance response instructions. Timely and appropriate responses are critical elements for ensuring service quality.


●  With maximal 16 channel capacity and with a 1:32 master-slave design ratio, it provides the backbone for large-scale and complex projects and applications.  


●  Versatile Networking: accommodates diverse network topologies and designs, such as linear, ring, and star configurations, enhancing adaptability to various project scenarios.


●  Full color, touch-screen design for intuitive and interactive operation.

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