DistriNet DAS


Our design engineers prioritize swift equipment deployment and straightforward activation and debugging procedures, ensuring maximum system availability and ease of use. This optical repeater solution streamlines the deployment process, simplifies operational procedures, and significantly reduces maintenance response time (mean time to repair).


Features Highlight


●  Supports native cloud-based NetFlex platform integration for centralized management control, providing real-time display of device operational status, offering system data, smart alerts, response recommendations, and delivering pre-programmed operational and maintenance response instructions. Timely and appropriate responses are critical elements for ensuring service quality.


●  By employing a 1:4 master-slave design ratio, it provides an exceptionally cost-effective architecture, ideal for small to medium-sized commercial development applications and most standalone infrastructure projects.


●  Comprehensive data monitoring of Individual zones with real-time display. 


●  Dual-capacity mix-and-match design for remote unit compatibility, accommodating both 2W and 10W optical units for systems with different capacity and needs, providing greater flexibility and empowering scalable network configurations.


●  Our solution design offers versatility for deployment in various environments, with dual specifications for both wall-mount and cabinet rack installation, saving space and simplifying implementation.

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