Smart Indoor Antenna
DistriNet DAS


The MA Series Antenna represents the new generation in indoor ceiling-mount antennas tailored specifically for Distributed Antenna System (DAS) applications. This antenna boasts a sleek and compact design packed with advanced features.


At the core of the Evertac Smart Antenna is its advanced internal electronics, which are powered by Power-over-Coaxial technology. This innovation eliminates the need for an external power supply or any additional installation. The embedded system empowers the Smart Antenna with self-diagnostic, signal quality and coverage analysis functionality, and even provides a visual display for of signal strength and its operational status.


In environments teeming with various ceiling and wall-mounted fixtures, particularly in crowded equipment or maintenance spaces, this indicator feature proves invaluable, simplifying tasks for users, operators and maintenance personnel alike.


Another notable feature of the MA series is its advanced iBeacon functionality. This critical feature seamlessly integrates a two-way radio network with an in-building location information system, supporting operational needs such as personnel safety, schedule logging and monitoring. This integration ensures a holistic solution that will enable a variety of new operational applications.


Features Highlight


●  Ultra-thin, sleek and compact design for low-profile indoor décor aesthetics 


●  Clear visual display for status and alarm indication


●  Status display indicator (available for MA11 / 12 models)


●  iBeacon in-building positioning capability (available for MA12 model)

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