Combiner Platform
DistriNet DAS


Combiner :


This device is known for its high reliability and exceptional signal quality. Utilizing broadband coupling technology, it offers a range of specifications compatible with different carriers and systems. It has been designed for low loss, low standing wave, port isolation, and high power-carrying capacity with efficient heat dissipation.


Receiver Multi-coupler :


The device allows multiple receivers to connect to one single antenna, enabling effective support for multiple frequency bands and ensuring signal stability.


Duplexer :


The duplexer combines transmit and receive signal paths in the communication system. It is designed to ensure effective isolation between the transmit and receive signals, and is indispensable for smooth communication and safe channel operation in a busy multi-carrier system.


Splitter :


A multi-channel RF signal distribution device, characterized by ease of design and stable performance, providing stable and high-quality signal processing for the distribution of uplink and downlink signals in wireless intercom system base stations.


By separating small signals from the main signal, it achieves multi-unit signal expansion, and is compatible with multi-carrier capacity systems, offering advantages such as low standing wave, port isolation, and power-carrying capacity.

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