Smart Digital Two-way Radio
DistriNet DAS


New walkie-talkie designed for commercial operations. With its slim design, it is comfortable to hold and wear, while maintaining a modern and professional look. It is suitable for use in quiet and upscale places, projecting an image of professionalism and sophistication.


Features Highlight


●  Miniature antenna design reduces overall size by 1/3 compared to conventional radios.


●  Long-lasting 3800mAh battery provides 11 hours of continuous use.


●  Single rotary knob combines push-to-talk and channel switching functions, allowing for easy one-handed operation. 32 channels with infinite rotation and voice prompts.


●  NetFlex Smart Feature: Equipped with Bluetooth location acquisition and transmission function, and in combination with DistriNet system's MA12 Bluetooth antenna or beacon, it can achieve simultaneous communication and location upload in buildings.


●  Equipped with intelligent battery health tracking, the working status and health management of the battery can be monitored in real-time through feedback from the two-way radio to the system, providing convenient asset management and maintenance.


●  Type C fast charging for convenient and on-the-go power replenishment, as well as the option to use a Charge Hub for battery charging management.

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